Some Emerging Facts On Rapid Tactics In Local News

Some Emerging Facts On Rapid Tactics In Local News

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Bank of America, Delta Air Lines, The New York Times, American Express paid for this hate piece... time for payback

Then she drilled further into the Times’ already successful digital business. She and Clay Fisher , the Times’ SVP of consumer marketing and revenue, are credited inside the building with professionalizing what had been a “paywall experiment.” The Times led a movement that normalized reader subscriptions for digital news. Now Levien’s challenge is to expedite the Times’ new product engine, finding more paying customers for products that already exist ( Cooking , Watching) and are in the pipeline ( potential health products ). In the shuffle, Kinsey Wilson , a pivotal figure in legacy-to-digital transformations at USA Today and NPR before the Times — leaves his full-time position as the Times’ editor for innovation and strategy and EVP, product and technology; that role is being eliminated. For now, he’ll stay on in a less-defined role. Wilson bridged a digital culture and skills gap that was still apparent when he joined the company in early 2015. A year before, the Times’ own newsroom report had identified lots of problems in how the newsroom was approaching the digital age. Today, the Times has a lot of confidence. It has more than three million print and digital subscribers and has been adding new digital subscriptions at the rate of almost 100,000 a month for six months. Thompson is placing most of the business side in Levien’s hands, though he retains direct responsibility for “data” and “technology.” The COO title positions Levien, 46, as a potential successor to Thompson, 59. I talked to Thompson and Levien about succession, about the key reasons for this restructuring, and about how the company looks at Thompson’s 10-million-subscriber march .

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