A Detailed Analysis Of Strategies For Shopping Sites

A Detailed Analysis Of Strategies For Shopping Sites

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We are buying online | The Gisborne Herald

“We will start off small but as time goes by, our offering will increase.” Heart of Gisborne manager Lana Davy said local businesses needed to embrace their online presence. “Online shopping is not something we can stop, we just need to get on board. “It is definitely a growing trend. We encourage our businesses to be more available for people to shop online and have their own online presence.” NZ Post chief marketing officer Bryan Dobson said the report showed in New Zealand online shopping was growing at a rate of 13 percent and was fuelled by a 23 percent increase in spend with overseas companies. The report also identified among local retailers online revenues increased 9 percent, 10 times the rate of ‘bricks and mortar’ sales. “The report shows Kiwis spent NZ$3.6 billion online in 2017 and that made up 8.1 percent of total New Zealand retail spend. The average online shopper spends over $2350 online each year, with rural online shoppers now the largest spenders — each spending over $2500 online in 2017. “But eCommerce is still growing. Globally, it is twice the size it was five years ago,” said Mr Dobson. Other retailers the Herald spoke to said they were pleased with their online presence and received orders from all over NZ with many repeat customers.

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